How to Be Beautiful? – 8 Rules of Emphasizing the Beauty Everyone Possesses

What’s beauty? You might say the question’s too simple and you can easily answer it. Can you? Really? Well, try! Beauty can’t be defined, but can be seen, felt and admired. It can’t be touched, but it can be pictured and emphasized. Beauty is different, personalized and unique for everyone. And if you believe you are not beautiful ENOUGH (enough for what or whom?), then you should find out how to be beautiful.

It’s not What You Have. It’s What You Are…


you are beautiful!

Most of us believe that beauty is an integrated image: the color of hair and eyes, height and shape, fingers and nails, long legs and expensive clothes. If you used to see the beauty in this way as well, you’re absolutely wrong.

Beauty is not what you wear, the make up you’ve made or the cash you have in your purse. Beauty is not one of the items you have, it’s what you are. The thing is everyone has beauty, but the problem is that not everyone sees it. If you want to be beautiful, you are to know a few rules that will help you to put yourself on the map.

Love… Love… Love…

Love yourself! A little bit selfish, you might say… But this is a helpful tip for people, who have REAL problems with self-esteem, always suffer from depression and other troubles. If you love yourself, everyone around will notice you. Love will help to show all your beautiful qualities through!

Your Own “Beauty Plan”

Make a list of beautiful qualities you possess, and those you think you don’t have. Write a plan, including the stage of acquiring them (confidence, posture improving work, etc). This will give a clear set of the steps you are to cover to be beautiful.

Engage in Activities!

Activities can boost your emotional and physical health. Exercise on a regular basis and build up your confidence. Do the things you like: write, read, dance, sing, watch movies and relax with your friends. The more active you are, the more perspectives you have to become beautiful.

No Comparison!

Never compare yourself to anyone else and don’t let other people start comparing you. Every person is unique. Even twins are different people with different characters. Being beautiful doesn’t mean being more attractive and prettier than someone else. Make comparison between who you are and who you could be, and not other people.

Smile More!

There is nothing more beautiful than see someone smiling. In this moment everything changes: the color of eyes, the shape of lips, cheeks get flushed and you become brighter and more appealing. They say that smile takes away the awkwardness and gives the power.

More Make up Gives more Beauty… Doesn’t It?


How to be beautiful

No, it doesn’t! Try to wear minimum make up, because its role is to emphasize the beauty of your face and not to create a new face. It’s better to give preference to innate good looks. Cosmetics should work highlighting your features and making you look naturally.

Expensive Clothing – Appealing Appearance?

Clothes should represent your personality and not to create a new one. “Expensive” doesn’t mean “the best”, “cheap” never stands for “the worst”. Choose the things that suit your individuality, style and mood. Let them be not that expensive, let them be common… Your clothes can’t create new you. It’s not important WHAT, but HOW you wear the things.

How to be beautiful? – Be intelligent, sophisticated, romantic and a little bit crazy (in a good sense of this word). Keep smiling and joking, love yourself and your life and you will be beautiful. Your inner beauty is much more important, than the outer one. Why? – Because beauty captures one’s attention, and personality captures one’s heart. Good luck!